Undoubtedly, education is in between civilization and ruination. Educational institutions are the ideal places for common skill development and confidence building to the students. Since the students are the agents of change, they need to be nurtured with good ethical and social values so that they can excel in the society. Therefore, providing quality education to the students is our sacred responsibility. Keeping that into consideration, Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, a famous educationist, entrepreneur and mentor established Daffodil International College (DIC) in the heart point of Dhaka city. 

Daffodil International College is working relentlessly under the care of a group of highly capable, promising and energetic teachers in an enriched environment to meet Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) as well as the challenges of 21st century. Notable that, institutions led by Daffodil Family are better than other institutions in terms of discipline, quality education, academic environment, teacher–student relationship etc. 

There is a creator behind all creations. In that sense, honourable Chairman sir is the creator of this prospectus. We express our heartiest compliments to all including the Chairman of DIC on behalf of Daffodil International College who were behind this noble endeavor. However, a prospectus of an educational institution is like a mirror where all scenarios of an institution have been reflected. We anticipate that this little endeavor will meet the demand of our prospectus indeed.

Md. Shibly Shadik
Daffodil International College