1. Aim and Objectives of DIC is to impart quality education and ensure that students learn their lessons properly under the direct supervision and control of the teachers.

2. We impart broad based liberal education ensuring physical mental and intellectual development.

3.  Helping develop the creative faculty of the students and healthy outlook

4. Turn out a cadre of well balanced and well integrated individuals imbued with rich character qualities, aesthetic and moral              values.

5. Organizing various co-curricular activities and develop leadership qualities.

6. To maintain academic discipline, regularity and punctuality and make them aware of their obligation, duties and responsibilities.

7. To develop students with diverse skills and abilities and prepare them for future challenges.

8. To contribute in establishing Digital Bangladesh by ensuring the best use of technology both teaching and managerial areas.

9. Above all the aim and objectives of DIC is to prepare the students to serve the country and society by making them worthy citizens of the country.