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Dear Students,
In spite of being a small populated country, Bangladesh is as beautiful as a picture. Moreover, it has an enriched history and culture, our population is our great resource that we want to turn into an able and skilled manpower to build up a self-reliant Bangladesh to meet the challenge of globalization. So the Daffodil family has been working for spreading an age-worthy and standard education for a long time. Since education is the backbone of a nation, we are committed to our whole-hearted participation in this nation building process.

In our country, a number of students are being deprived of qualitative education only for the insufficient number of educational institution. For this reason, Daffodil International College has a permanent campus at Lalmatia, Block-A in Dhaka which provides all the modern amenities for the students to acquire knowledge with a smart and congenial atmosphere. Our motto is to bring out the latent talent of those students and spread a standard education across the country. We earnestly want a brilliant young generation enriched with moral and human qualities. They will lead the country one day and establish themselves with fame and dignity throughout home and abroad. We welcome our fellow beings and well-wishers. We do expect sincere co-operation from all.

May Allah be with us.

Dr. Md. Sabur Khan
Daffodil International College & Daffodil Family