Welcome to Daffodil International College. Our beautiful and permanent campus is an ideal location for you to study. We offer an international standard education by a group of experienced and specialist teaching staffs. Our facilities and staffs are committed to offer the students a strong foundation in education. We provide education in both Bengali and English version (Science) under the national curriculum.

Daffodil International College, one of the country’s leading educational institutions, is an intellectual power house. Our journey starts in 2003 with a slogan “Daffodil International College , A Major Landmark in Educational Arena”. Since its establishment by its founder Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, a renowned entrepreneur and visionary leader for young generation. It has been successfully advancing forward with a countrywide excellence in education. Daffodil group has successfully established some other institutions like Daffodil International School, Daffodil International College, Daffodil International University etc.

The institution is committed to good knowledge.  We take special care of each student and remain responsible for his/her development in every field of learning. Particularly moral teaching, discipline, physical development, psychological and emotional feelings and above all academic progress etc.

We have modern laboratories and facilities for curricular and co-curricular activities. Stage events such as- Debate, Extempore speech, Recitation, General Knowledge and Wall Magazine Competition, etc take place almost all the year round. So, our students enjoy their lessons without feeling any boredom.

Finally, achievement in the educational sector of the country is our commitment to excellence. Our focus on the improvement of the students is fundamental. Sustain morality and discipline is one of our prime concerns . We believe that high quality teaching is the major characteristic of a premium quality educational institution- for which we are continually aim forward.